Hello, my name is Megan! Since 2009, I've photographed hundreds of sessions including portraits, styled collaborations, elopements and weddings! Photography is a passion of mine, and for as long as I can remember I've carried a camera with me.
I was born in Connecticut, grew up in Upstate New York, and traveled along the East Coast after college (spending the majority of my time in North Carolina). Now, I'm back in the Adirondack Mountains - surrounded by natural beauty and inspiration everywhere I look.
I believe in capturing real moments (those unexpected candid ones) that showcase raw emotions - happiness, laughter and tears. The ones that you think slipped by uncaptured, only to be surprised later when you receive your images. The ones that create lasting memories.
My clients often turn into friends, as photo sessions are a fun & casual experience in front of the camera. Expect to have a good time laughing and exploring the outdoors - and get photos that showcase your realness. 
When I'm not behind the camera, you can find me either curled up with my two cats and a good book or planning my next travel experience.
A few of my favorite things include...
- the Fall (its my favorite season and absolutely stunning up here)
- iced mocha lattes (Jubala in Raleigh, NC has the BEST ones)
- traveling (Hawaii has been my favorite trip (x3) so far - looking forward to Italy/Greece in the future)
- sunsets (over the mountains or over the ocean - is there anything more beautiful?)
- the sound of a bottle of champagne popping (expect to hear me cheer!)
- love (I cry at every wedding)